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I have taught college students since 2002. I've taught online since 2009. 

Courses I have taught include

  • Introduction to Literature

  • American Literature to 1865

  • American Literature 1865 to the Present

  • Contemporary American Literature

  • Introduction to Drama, Dramatic Literature

  • World Literature 1500-Present

  • Women’s Literature 

  • The Civil War in Fact and Fiction

  • Race and Reconciliation in Literature

  • American Women Writers

  • Science Fiction by Women

  • Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Composition I & II, Freshman Composition

  • The Research Paper

  • Advanced Composition for Teachers I and II

  • Graduate Research and Writing

As a member of the Education Advisory Committee to the Digital Public Library of America (2015-2018) I curated sets of primary sources and created teaching guides on topics including Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Awakening, Beloved, the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Women in the Civil War, Women and the Temperance Movement, and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Beginnings to Woodstock.


Since 2011, I have participated in scoring AP English Literature Exams. I also have served as a test developer, field test coordinator, content specialist, and judge for various national exams in English.

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