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I offer services for artists and writers, speaking engagements, and mentoring for educators and writers.

Need help crafting an artist's statement or grant application? I offer expert professional assistance.

Would you like to write fiction or memoir? Do you dream of publishing your work?

I can help you develop ideas, choose a focus, identify audience and purpose, devise themes and organizational strategies, select venues for publication, format and submit manuscripts, and more. I offer one-on-one, office-hour-style Zoom consultations and supportive, encouraging live or written feedback on your works in progress.

I present and speak on a range of topics, including

  • Memoir Writing

  • Doing Research at a Teaching Institution

  • Professing While Female

  • Cancel Culture and Ethical Scholarship

  • Teaching Literature with Visual Art

  • Teaching Literature with Primary Sources

  • Best Practices for Teaching Online

For every paid talk, I donate 30 minutes of mentoring to a graduate student, adjunct or contingent faculty member, or part-time instructor. Contact me for more information.
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