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I offer speaking engagements, mentoring for educators and writers, and services for aspiring memoir writers and creative writers.

Would you like to write fiction or memoir? Do you dream of publishing your work? I can help you develop ideas, choose a focus, identify audience and purpose, devise themes and organizational strategies, select venues for publication, format and submit manuscripts, and more. I offer one-on-one, office-hour-style Zoom consultations and supportive, encouraging live or written feedback on your works in progress.

I also present and speak on a range of topics, including

  • Memoir Writing

  • Literature and Remix Theory

  • Storytelling and Diversity

  • Careers in Higher Education

  • Getting Research Done at a Teaching Institution

  • Professing While Female

  • Cancel Culture and Ethical Scholarship

  • Teaching Literature with Primary Sources and/or Art

  • Best Practices for Teaching Online


For every paid talk, I donate 30 minutes of mentoring to a student, adjunct or contingent faculty member, or part-time instructor. Contact me for more information.

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